Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kaleidoscope Artistic Effects

A few weeks ago we introduced a new product line called Kaleidoscope Artistic Effects.  This new line will feature digital products for your creative needs.

The first release, KaleidoGlobes, Vol. 1 and KaleidoGlobes Vol. 2 have been very popular and I've had many emails asking what are we coming out with next!  I'm working on several projects right now so stay tuned for updates.

The CDs each contain 25 each KaleidoGlobe images in .png format.  You can use them in many of the popular graphics software programs to create stunning designs.  We have put together a couple of videos that demonstrate how to superimpose an image into a KaleidoGlobe using PhotoShop 7 and also Digital Scrapbook Artist 2. You can view higher quality videos on our website.

PhotoShop 7 Video Demonstrations:

...and using Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 (DSA 2)

For more information on the KaleidoGlobes visit our website: and click on the KaleidoGlobes link. Note: For a limited time we are offering special promotional pricing on the CDs if you purchase both.

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